on the monitor


Magan and Laney are on the monitor. I’ve watched this monitor quite a bit over the last 15 hours. Still not a lot of movement going on, but we’re hoping that baby Laney will join us soon. All of the family is here. Both Magan and Laney are doing well. Magan’s and trooper. She ain’t skurred. Hopefully the next post will have an announcement. Until then…

triangle church planting network

just wanted to give a quick shoutout to a site we just launched at journey for the tcpn. some of the journey family makes up what is the core of tcpn. i’m excited to get to be a part by just doing a bit of coding and content-plugging.

“the triangle church planting network is a church planting network that partners with local churches and church planting organizations to plant churches in the raleigh, durham, and chapel hill areas. we exist to plant healthy new testament churches in our city, region, nation, and world (mt 28:19-20 & acts 1:8).”

here are some of the geeky details:

platform: wordpress self-hosted
theme: template monster
hosting: site5
e-mail: google apps

if you want to learn more about the tcpn, feel free to shoot them an e-mail.

i have the desire to breakdance

i tweeted awhile back that i would love to learn how to breakdance. i’ve always had a fascination with a good beat, some dance moves and tumbling. it goes all the way back to when i was a kid. it was vanilla ice or tag team or something like that combined with a trampoline. anywho, i have not the time nor the self-realization that i probably couldn’t pull it off, but i’d sure love to try. then i’d make a video like this one:

YouTube Preview Image

maybe one day…

i got the facebook upgrade

yeah, i’m living on the bleeding edge. call me crazy. as with every facebook update, i think it looks pretty nifty for a couple of days and then i’m like, “bleh, change it again.” it also tricks/convinces me to spend the time to update my profile information. for example “Matt added English to his languages.” really? then i almost go into a frenzy wanting to organize my friend lists. blasted OCD. oh well, i digress…

a guy, a girl, a dog, and…

we’re excited to finally let everyone know the news we’ve been keeping under wraps for the last month. in a little over 7 months, our family will be growing by one (as far as we know right now). that’s right, we’re going to be PARENTS! we’re super excited! God has blessed us more than we could ever imagine over the last couple of years and this is yet another blessing He has given us.

it’s been fun getting to share the news with everyone over the last week or so. it’s been filled with big smiles, tears, laughter and, “shut-ups!” i had my first doctor’s appointment yesterday and my due date is july 18.

2011 is shaping up to be a very busy year:

- sara and todd’s wedding
- daniel and ashley’s wedding
- megan and morgan graduate from asu

- luke graduates from high school
- anna competes in miss north carolina

- baby keith makes his/her arrival

summer, fall or winter
- morgan and zach’s wedding

we’re blessed, nervous, excited and a bunch of other feelings all wrapped into one. i’ve been dealing with morning (afternoon and night) sickness and being tired, but overall i’m doing well so far. matt has done a great job of taking care of me and keeping up the house. there’s not much more to spill at this time. we’ll make sure to keep all of you updated over the next several months as we wait for baby keith’s arrival.


i could take this post in so many directions, but i’ll try to keep from getting all deep and philosophical. it’s too late at night for that. it’s meant to be a fun post. here’s how it started…

i was browsing my twitter feed and read that shane and shane had just released a new worship album. shane and shane has always been one of my favorites, but for some reason their stuff just hadn’t made it to the top of my playlist in a long time. i’ve been hooked on a wide variety of stuff from hillsong to lecrae.

i headed to the kitchen to let magan take a listen and her eyes instantly lit up. we used their song “psalm 118″ as the recessional at our wedding. the album is for an upcoming conference in which shane and shane will be leading worship. they decided to record the set list and throw it out there. a very good decision if you ask me. i downloaded it right away and magan and i both are listening to it right now. you can check it out for yourself here.

shane and shane’s music actually transports me back in time to the years that i worked at fort caswell. back then, they were pretty much all i listened to. i loved the whole acoustic feel and the vocals were tight. they actually inspired me to keep practicing and playing guitar. yep, i play(ed) guitar, sort of. not nearly as much as i used to.┬áit’s a new fun fact for some of you. those with whom i go back a ways, you are already in the know. my guitar is chillin’ in it’s case in the office closet. i actually thought about getting it out tonight and playing some tunes, but i passed. soon though. i miss it. i got all wrapped up in “techie” years ago and haven’t gone back since.

so that’s where the whole inspiration post came from.

stop-motion video

according to wikipedia, stop-motion video is defined as…

Stop-motion (also known as stop-action or frame-by-frame) is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own.

they seem to be all the talk recently. i have never created a stop-motion video (unless you want to count sketches that i drew in the corner of my notebooks when i was in school). i don’t believe i would have the patience to create my own, but i do love the look. there are many noteworthy videos i could post that have made their way around the internet, but i came across two great stop-motion videos today that i’d like to share.

the first is a stop-motion by david crowder band. it’s a brand new music video for their song “sms – shine” off of the church music album. sidenote: great album. download it if you don’t have it.

the second is a stop-motion i came across via @shaneandshane. it’s a promo video for living water international educating people on their 10 days campaign.

both execute what many have come to expect in a stop-motion video. it’s like its a game to see to can produce the most outrageous stop-motion video. it’s a game i don’t think i want a part in. i’ll just enjoying watching them for now.

80′s music and waiting

we spent this past weekend on the road. it just happens that every time we got in the car, there was an 80′s throwback playing and we inevitably got stuck in traffic. it’s not like we had the radio locked in on a pure 80′s station or had a speciality tapedeck installed in the cavalier for this trip. any and all stations seemed to be rockin’ the 80′s. we heard some pretty good tunes from our childhoods. the music wasn’t as bad as the traffic. we traveled via 40, 85, 77 and 421 and all had traffic. magan even busted out her map reading skills to get us through one traffic jam.

we were on the road visiting family in kannapolis and boone. friday night we spent cheering on luke and wonders. they pulled out a nice victory over the cox mill chargers. saturday we jetted up to boone to spend the day with megan, morgan and zach for asu’s homecoming. it was a very brief trip, but we enjoyed the weather, the game and the obnoxious drunks standing in front of us. okay, not that last one.

asu fall 2010

now we’re back in the craziness of the week. until next time…

quick update

to my seven readers,

i blog so inconsistently that i fight the urge to change the look of my site every time i post. i gave in again and changed up the look. i keep trying to minimize the design elements. anyways, i’m going to try to a new style of post. short quick updates. some with links.

-been busy at journey. God is doing BIG stuff.

-enjoyed my day off today.

-chatted with a friend who is part of a team that is getting after it for Jesus in the silicon valley.

-recently traveled to my alma mater to hang out with friends.

-reading some very informative blogs.

-learning to protect pockets of time to spend with my wonderful wife.

-still wanting to read and write more.

until next time…

christ follower. husband. dad. techie.